Vancouver IT Consulting and Outsourcing

When should I outsource my IT department?In these trying times, we are all looking for a way to save money, especially in business.

Too often we have to cut personnel because their salary eats up so much of the bottom line. This spreads more responsibility to those

who are still left in the company and overburdens the already overworked employee.

We are suggesting 5 reasons to outsource your IT or even use outsourcing to compliment your existing IT department.

  1. Cut Costs at the Bottom Line- By outsourcing your Vancouver IT support department you can save in the following areas: salary, insurance, paid leave, sick time, and taxes per employee.
    Employees and their costs can eat away at the bottom line.
  2. Benefit from Expanded Knowledge Base- Having Infedo Network handle your IT support department brings a wealth of knowledge from many different backgrounds.
    Infedo Network Solutions handle IT support services from small to medium size business, and bring all our experience at no extra cost to you.
  3. Buying Unlimited Support Really Does Save. If you purchase our unlimited support plan, you will find savings through each increment.
    With unlimited IT support you keep a stable budget every month and your employee’s benefits of a local IT service department located in Vancouver for a fraction of the cost.
  4. Remote Technology Cuts Time and Expense- If your laptop starts acting up when you are not at the office, your local onsite tech cannot help you.
    Using remote technology, our IT experts can log into their system from our Network Operation Center and help your employee on the road.
    It would cost you time and travel expense to send your local person to repair that system.
  5. After-Hours Accessibility- When your business closes for the day, does your technology? What happens when something happens after hours?

Do you call your employee? What if they cannot make it? Infedo’s Vancouver IT outsourcing offers a solution to this problem.

Supplement your IT so you are close with your IT person, or maybe they built the tech side from  he ground up and letting go of them is not an option…

If that person is spread too thin, we can help.

Let  Infedo take the tier 1 and 2 issues to help your staff focus on that important job that  you have them on.

If you have questions call us toll free in Vancouver and Fraser Valley 1-866-483-1841 or fill out the form on the right.

One of our Senior Account Managers will then be in touch within 24 hours to discuss all of your outsourcing needs.

Infedo Network Solutions offers a variety of IT solutions in Vancouver, and will customize the perfect package to meet your requirements.