Backup Your Business' Servers

Protect your critical business data from loss or corruption and ensure uninterrupted operations with our reliable and efficient server backup solutions to Prince George businesses.

Backing Up Your Servers

Backing up your servers is critical in protecting your business from data loss or corruption, ensuring that your operations can continue in the event of a disaster.

Infedo is proud to offer Server Backup services to businesses in Prince George and beyond.

Methods for Backing Up Your Data

There are several methods for backing up your data, such as full backups, incremental backups, and differential backups. The best method depends on the type of data being backed up, your recovery time objective, and your budget.

Types of Data to Back Up

It is essential to identify what data needs to be backed up, such as databases, applications, and configuration settings. This includes both critical business data and non-critical data.

Partnering with a Backup Provider

Partnering with a backup provider like Infedo Network Solutions can help you identify the right backup solution for your needs, ensuring that your data is always protected and easily recoverable in the event of a disaster. This allows you to focus on your core business activities, knowing that your data is in safe hands.

Lower operating costs

Manage and control your information anywhere

Back up your systems online

Disaster recovery tools

Full Backups

At Infedo Network Solutions, we have full server backups that involves backing up all data on your servers. This provides the most comprehensive backup but can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Let us support you. Give us a call today to learn about our computer backup solutions. We offer our clients expertise, efficiency, on-site and remote services.

Backup Solutions Services

Incremental Backups

Incremental backups involve backing up only the changes since the last backup. This provides a faster backup and recovery time but requires more storage space.

Differential Backups

Differential backups involve backing up all changes since the last full backup. This provides a faster backup time than a full backup but requires more storage space than an incremental backup.

Local Backup Solutions

Local backup solutions involve backing up your data to an external hard drive or other local device. This provides fast backup and recovery times and allows you to have physical control over your backups.

Cloud-Based Backup Solutions

Cloud-based backup solutions offer the convenience of automatic backups and remote access to your data. This provides added protection against physical disasters and hardware failures. Call us today to learn about our Server Backup plans.

Detailed, Thorough, and Custom Server Backup Solutions

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