Questions and Answers

How Do You Monitor Our Network & Systems?
We install software on every PC that is designed to detect a problem. The software sends our techs a report with the description of any potential problem so that we’re able to begin fixing it as soon as possible.
How Is Maintenance Done?
This same software scans and updates systems daily and weekly including updating windows systems patches, cleaning Internet temporary files, scanning for errors, virus scanning and degrag hard drives.
Do All of Our PCs and Servers have to be under the support contract?
No. We always suggest that at minimum, the most critical PCs are under a maintenance plan. Some businesses have several computers that are not critical to the organization. It’s up to you to decide how many computers you wish to monitor and maintain.
How long do we have to sign up for?
We require 30-days advance notice if you wish to cancel your program. We believe in the quality of our services and our relationship with you. We want you to utilize our services because you value what we provide, not because you are stuck in a contract.
What Other Services Can You Provide For Us?
Most of our customers see us as a package, one-stop solution for their IT needs. Everything related to hardware, software, servers, networks, and computers, along with all of your devices and software, are the services we can provide you.