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May 25, 2018
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The Importance of Computer Maintenance for Your Business

computer maintenance

Organizations heavily rely upon computers to complete their work and grow their business, but when issues occur, they cause major headaches. The worst part is that many of these technical issues can be prevented by practicing regular computer maintenance. Infedo Network Solutions has years of experience with computers and recommends doing the following:

Adjust the Temperature

Computers are temperamental. If a computer is left to bake in the sun, expect to encounter functionality issues. Depending on the components in a computer, it can regularly run warm or hot, so adding more heat will usually cause it to automatically shut down for protection. Despite this function, heat damages computers in the long run, specifically the battery and capacitors.

Other warning signs for overheating include:

  • consistent crashes and restarts
  • frequent blue screens of death (BSoD)
  • noise from the fan
  • the smell of smoke or burning

Businesses that frequently use video-editing software and large productivity apps need to install a cooling system to extend the hardware’s lifespan.

Clean the Components

Whether you have desktop computers or laptops, they need to be physically cleaned because they accumulate dust particles and other debris over time. Desks and mice are easy to clean with a normal cloth, but monitors require a microfibre cloth in order to prevent any damage. Depending on the type of keyboard you have, you may need compressed air to push the dust and debris out of the cracks followed by wiping down the keys with rubbing alcohol. Towers need to be opened up and cleaned with a cloth and compressed air to remove dust from the drive racks, fans, and other components.

Laptops can be cleaned in a similar fashion. With the laptop turned off and unplugged with the battery removed, you can clean the outer surface with regular dish soap and a lint-free cloth. The screen will need a microfibre cloth while the keyboard and side vents will need compressed air and rubbing alcohol.

Rubbing alcohol is a better product for cleaning keyboards because it evaporates quickly and removes the oily residue left by fingers.

By cleaning the hardware of your computer, you will improve its performance and appearance, as well extend its lifespan.

Update Software

Anti-virus updates are critical for businesses because they incorporate new preventative measures against virus and malware attacks. Updates remove vulnerabilities that hackers look for by adding patches. Operating systems and browsers require frequent updates because of their large format, making them a target for malware.

Software, such as internet browsers, often needs to be upgraded because newer versions are consistently put on the market with faster versions and better features. Newer versions generally take up less space and RAM to improve functionality.

Look into our service plans that provide automated maintenance and 24/7 monitoring.

Make Backups

Doing daily or weekly backups of your business’s data will save you a lot of problems, whether it’s from natural disasters or computer hackers. You can’t always know what will happen, so it’s best to take preventative measures to protect information that supports your business, such as your clients’ data.

What Else Can I Do?

Choose Infedo Network Solutions! We provide hassle-free services to grow your small or medium-sized business. Since 2006, we have been catering to the technological needs of the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas. Contact us today to learn more on how to protect your business’s hardware and software!

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