IT Support Services in Vancouver and Fraser Valley

Our Vancouver IT support services offer two main service plans. They are design for small business located anywere from North Vancouver to Hope. We also provide the same services to customers anywere in North America.

Our Standard Plan is mostly for business that require automated maintenance and monitoring on their Microsoft standard server and workstations.

Customers running Microsoft Small Business Server or Exchange and SQL server can use the Standard plan with an add-on for the Exchange and SQL server.

All onsite or remote support will be charged per hourly rate under the standard plan.

Our Professional Plan has it all.

Imagine having your own IT professional not only providing you with support all day but not having to pay him for vacation, sick leave or other benefits.

Our Professional Plan does more by providing 24/7 monitoring that allows us to find a problem before it impact your network and allows us to fix it on the background without disturbing you or your employees. Since we offer unlimited support and we are not pay extra per hour to solve a problem, our goal is to make sure everything works the way it supposed to, so we don’t have to spend hours to recover from a major incident.

Sometime bad things still happens so to make sure it does not impact your business we include daily server backup on our plan. In case of a hardware crash, theft, flood or any other major disaster we can restore your server to any available hardware in less than one hour.

Antivirus and Offsite backups with unlimited data can be add it to any plan.

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