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The Importance of Computer Maintenance for Your Business
June 30, 2018

Calling Tech Support: My Computer is Possessed!

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Below are some of the top questions businesses have when they run into trouble with viruses on their office computer systems and other devices. If you’re asking one or more of the same questions, then it’s time to install antivirus software or update the one on your system.

Q: Why is my computer slow?

A: If all of your computer applications, operating system, and internet speed load or run slowly, that means you probably have malware on your computer. It attacks stand-alone computers and those that are networked.

If only your applications are slow to load, then you may be using too much CPU. Limit the number of programs you use at a time or, if your computer is several years old, upgrade to a newer operating system. CPU stands for central processing unit and acts as both the heart and brain of a computer by, as the term suggests, processing information, performing functions, and receiving data input.

Q: What is malware and what do I do?

A: Malware encompasses several bad programs, like viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, and rogue security software, that damage your computer and its data. The only way to effectively remove them is by using malware software removal tools. These will help you stop computer viruses that re-install themselves after they have been removed. You should contact a malware expert for assistance, as they are adept at solving your programs and information from further damage.

Q: Why did my computer screen turn blue?

A: To use the technical term, the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is seen in Microsoft Windows computers because the operating system encountered a critical error, such as a crashed driver or faulty software, that made recovery impossible without crashing everything. BSoDs cause data loss because the computer restarts, preventing programs from saving the open data. BSoD crashes are recorded in the “minidump” file Windows creates when it has experienced this type of crash so you will find the cause in there.

Q: How did my computer get a virus?

A: Virus and other malware are designed to be sneaky. It could have been one or several of these ways:

  • Clicking a pop-up ad that contained a trojan
  • Opening an email attachment
  • Downloading from a file-sharing program
  • Not updating current antivirus software
  • Having malware prior to installing antivirus software

Q: Why didn’t my antivirus system detect it and notify me?

A: This could be for several reasons: 1) Some malware is made to be so smart that it can disable antivirus software, forcing you to do a manual clean-up. 2) With new types of malware being created almost every day, your antivirus software may not have recognized it as a threat 3) You may not have set your antivirus software with the proper settings for it to notify you when it needs to be updated.

Remember: There is no straightforward solution when it comes to computers and technology in general. For this reason, it’s best to speak directly to an experienced IT support service that has seen it all and can help you with your unique situation. Infedo Network Solutions provides 24/7 monitoring that detects problems before they affect your system. Joining one of our IT support plans will save you hours of wasted time reading through tech support blog posts and forums to find your answer.


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